Diocesan Work

The history of mankind, the history of salvation, passes by way of the family

Blessed Pope John Paul II Letter to Families, 1994


Family ministry is a broad-based ministry involving families, pastors, teachers, catechists, deacons, social workers, counsellors, adult educators, evangelists, liturgists and many others.  The laity has a special role to play in family ministry, not only by virtue of the sacrament of marriage but also by virtue of their lived experience.  The Diocesan Coordinator of Family Ministries has responsibility for bringing form and substance to this wide range of activities. The coordinator’s work is variously described as family ministry, family life ministry or marriage and family life ministry but in all cases the coordinator seeks to address the needs of small communities at home: baptized individuals bonded together by blood, adoption and/or sacrament, living together in life and love over the generations.
Diocesan Work

The diocesan coordinator role recognises two key points:

  • that families themselves are the principal resource, being the most effective form of pastoral support for one another
  • that a range of church ministries, organisations, agencies and pastors all minister in a variety of ways to families’ needs and so coordination can be the key to effectively connecting needs and services
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Familias is the Association for Catholic Diocesan Marriage and Family Life Ministry (England and Wales) which was established in 2008 to support the growth of loving, life-enhancing relationships and to serve the church and the world through marriage and family life. FAMILIAS members recognise that marriage and family life have a specific God-given purpose in the lives of individuals, society and the Church and the Association aims to support, nourish and sustain all families whatever their circumstances.

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