Fr Pat Munroe talks about the riches that Family Groups can bring to a parish

27 November 2012
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27 November 2012, Comments: 0

On Friday 9th November Elizabeth and I spent a very enjoyable evening as guests of Fr Pat Munroe and parishioners from Our Lady & The Apostles Parish in Stockport, at a Parish Supper (And Magic!) Night.  Fr Pat has recently moved to his new parish from St Wilfrid’s, Northwich, where he successfully launched the grass-roots Family Groups movement last year.  At the time of the October 2011 launch, when over 100 people aged from 1 to 90 signed up to a Family Group, Father Pat said that Family Groups helped to create a sense of parish family at a time when, “an increasing number of people feel isolated and long for a true experience of community.”  Father Pat wanted to offer his new parish the chance the find out more about Family Groups and the gathering on Friday night was a ‘taster’ session designed to bring families together and help them get to know one another. The following morning Father Pat kindly agreed to talk about his experience of Family Groups on camera.  During our conversation we explored how he first became interested in Family Groups; why he believes they are an important part of a flourishing parish and what role the parish priest can play in helping Family Groups to develop.  During the interview Father Pat also offered some valuable insights and practical tips on how to get Family Groups started, which we hope you will find useful.

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