Mark Molden talks about his new role as CEO of Marriage Care

18 April 2013
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18 April 2013, Comments: 0
Early in 2013 Mark Molden, father of six, and former CEO of the Christian Charity Care for the Family was announced as the new Chief Executive of Marriage Care. In this interview with CBCEW’s James Abbott, Molden talks about his passion for marriage and his excitement at his new role. Listen to the interview or Download the MP3

*Marriage Care was founded from within the Catholic community in 1946 to offer support to ex-servicemen and their families in rebuilding relationships after the war. For the past 65 years the charity has provided relationship counselling and marriage preparation to couples across England and Wales, particularly within the Catholic community. It is currently the second largest relationship education provider in England and Wales and the largest of all the Marriage and Family Life ministry networks operating within the Catholic community in England and Wales, with around three thousand Catholic couples completing its marriage preparation programmes each year.

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