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21 May 2013
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21 May 2013, Comments: 0

New CEO Mark Molden launched Marriage Care’s annual conference and national training event last weekend by introducing the Catholic organisation’s strategy for the future. “We recognise that our primary client for marriage preparation is within the Catholic community,” he said. “We will organise ourselves to ensure we deliver maximum value to them.” Molden also confirmed that a key future measure of success for Marriage Care will be the extent to which it serves the Catholic community in the area of marriage preparation.

Mark Molden – Looking to the future

Around 200 of Marriage Care’s volunteers – marriage preparation providers, counsellors, trainers, supervisors, and Centre staff – gathered in Milton Keynes from May 17th-19th to discuss the new strategy, undergo further training and celebrate the achievements of volunteers who serve marriage through structured programmes and through relationship counselling. 

Mgr Sean Healey from the diocese of Northampton celebrated the Mass of Pentecost on Saturday evening. “The gift of the Spirit is given to us to continue working for unity and for community,” he said. “How important it is in our society today that we uphold those values of married life, that we put before our society the joy and beauty of marriage and encourage those who commit themselves to marriage, to that lifelong commitment. I pray that the Holy Spirit will encourage you to be witnesses of unity and to bring the power of the Spirit into those many areas of life where you will work.”
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Conference delegates consider the new strategy

Presentation of certificates

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