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3 April 2014
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3 April 2014, Comments: 0


A Working Party on Marriage Preparation has been convened, chaired by Bishop John Hine, to provide expert and collaborative oversight to the work of pursuing the recommendations of the 2012 reports on Marriage Preparation in the Catholic Church, particularly the strategic recommendations but also in support of the recommendations as a whole.
The Working Party meet for the first time in November 2013
The Working Party is composed of representatives of the different programmes, dioceses and organisations involved in Marriage Preparation in the Catholic community as well as those whose expertise directly relates to the different recommendations.It has now met twice, once last November to look at the goals of this project and the resources available to it. The second time, in March this year, the Working Party met overnight in smaller task groups to look in more detail at the different components featuring in the recommendations: developing a framework, training and support of providers, communications, increasing access to marriage preparation and evaluation.
Jim Healy presenting to the Working Party in Leeds
During this residential meeting in Hinsley Hall, Leeds, the Working Party’s reflections were further informed by input from Jim Healy of the Diocese of Joliet, Illinois. Jim has vast experience advising dioceses in the US on developing marriage preparation policies and his input was both refreshing and inspiring.  (See for more information about his work.)


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