Marriage Week Continues...Scott Stanley Seminar

8 February 2012
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8 February 2012, Comments: 0
We are only two-plus days into Marriage Week UK, and I’ve already had the pleasure of listening to Scott Stanley…twice.  A host of people, including Elizabeth Davies and I, made the trek to the Marriage Care offices in West London this morning to listen to Professor Stanley of the University of Denver give another lecture on marriage.  During this morning’s lecture, Professor Stanley supplemented Monday night’s material with his thoughts on commitment and the data to support his words.  His lecture focused heavily on premarital cohabitation and how decades of research show that it is associated with more difficulties in marriage.  Professor Stanley made the point that cohabitation makes it harder to break up because it increases constraints.

After Professor Stanley’s seminar, Professor Jan Walker of the University of Newcastle, Dr. Martina Klett-Davies of Open University, and Bridie Collins of Marriage Care opened a discussion segment by talking briefly about the nature of marriage and cohabitation in the United Kingdom today.  They did a great job of relating Professor Stanley’s data from the United States to U.K. data, and questions about the theological and social aspects of marriage prompted intriguing discussion.

This morning’s seminar and discussion stood as a great opportunity to engage in thoughtful conversation about the importance of marriage and the evolving dynamics of relationships today.  It was yet another excellent event in Marriage Week UK!

– Greg

PS Learn more about Scott Stanley’s work at his blog and take part in an Open University study into enduring relationships here.

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