A Family Party with Pope Francis

26 October 2013
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26 October 2013, Comments: 0
Everybody had balloons!

Pope Francis’ meeting with families today – during the Family Pilgrimage to the Tomb of St Peter for the Year of Faith – had the feel of a massive family party. The theme was ‘Families, live the Joy of Faith’ and that joy was abundantly evident. The Pope had asked to be surrounded by families and so he was. In return he gave us some down to earth advice on keeping our relationships sound: say please, say thank you and say sorry. And don’t go to bed on a disagreement without making things up! More to follow, but here for now are some of the many pictures taken this afternoon in St Peter’s Square.
Read the address of Pope Francis to all families everywhere.

Our Celebrating Family banner displayed at the entrance to St Peter’s

Pope Francis makes his entrance
Pope Francis welcoming those who gave testimonies

Pope Francis addressing all families, while a child plays

Pope Francis makes his exit

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