A Farewell Message From The Project Office's Spring Interns

25 April 2012
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25 April 2012, Comments: 0

As we begin to think of turning our calendars from April to May, our time in London nears its end.  This has truly been an incredible four months abroad for us, highlighted by our experiences working for the Marriage and Family Life Project Office.  We have each learned quite a bit about the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and how the MFL Project Office promotes and supports the bishops’ mission.

As practicing Catholics, the three of us have been intrigued and informed by our exposure to the Catholic Church outside of the U.S. and the specific issues that engage the Church’s work in this country. We have also gained valuable experience working in this environment and contributing to current discussions by forming web pages with text, images, and video clips on the subject of Catholic marriage.  It is rewarding to know that our hard work will soon enter public domain for others to see.  Thank you so much to Elizabeth Davies and Hannah Moruzzi for making us feel welcome and assisting us in every way possible.  Thanks also to the webteam  James and David for their invaluable assistance with the web design, and to everybody in the office who has been welcoming to us and whom we have gotten to know in passing.  It has been a great experience and one that we would highly recommend to future Notre Dame London Program students.

Best wishes
Greg, Kathleen & Dylan

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