Marriage Project Shows Young People Love Can Last

23 April 2015
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23 April 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Marriage Project Shows Young People Love Can Last

Westminster Marriage Mass

The vast majority of young people hold real and deep aspirations for having an enduring and meaningful relationship and a healthy adult family life. However, few have the opportunity to hold an open conversation with a parent, relative, teacher or adult about their relationships. This spring the Westminster MFL team have been busy raising awareness of their Explore marriage project through articles and advertisements, speaking with local chaplains and RE teachers and recruiting volunteer couples.  ‘The main priorities have been to recruit couples who can share their personal experience of marriage and to encourage Catholic high schools to use Explore as part of their RE or SRE curriculum.’ said Mary McGhee, Explore Westminster’s Local Development Officer. 

The team are hopeful that the Mass for Marriage at Westminster Cathedral on 23rd May will enable them to raise the profile of the project and attract more volunteers for this important  ministry. ‘We are looking for married couples who feel strongly about the Sacrament of Marriage and giving young people hope for their futures, and individuals (single, married or divorced) who can help to facilitate these dialogues.’  said Mary It is an incredibly life-giving experience for those who volunteer and the young people are often amazed and inspired to see that marriages can last and love can grow through a life time.’

 The Diocese of Westminster received funding from the Bishops’ Celebrating Family Fund in September 2014 to develop a  two year project offering remote marriage preparation to small groups of adolescents in schools through a series of open dialogues with married couples. The project is being conducted in partnership with the educational charity Explore.

For more information about the Explore Westminster Project please contact Mary McGhee, the Local Development Officer, on 07786737437 or

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