Press Conference for the Extraordinary Synod on Family

5 November 2013
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5 November 2013, Comments: 0

At a press conference in Rome today Cardinal Peter Erdo, Bishop Lorenzo Baldisseri and Archbishop Bruno Forte presented the preparatory document for the III Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the theme ‘the pastoral challenges for the family in the context of evangelisation’ due to be held in the Vatican from 5-19th October 2014.


Bishop Baldisseri said that the theme of the Synod was a ‘work itinerary in two phases.’ The first phase was intended to ‘ascertain the status quaestionis and gather testimonies and proposals from the bishops to proclaim and credibly live the Gospel for the family‘ and the second phase – an Ordinary General Assembly in 2015 – would seek to find ‘working approaches for the pastoral care of the human person and the family.

Referring to the extraordinary nature of the 2014 Synod Cardinal Baldisseri said that the social and spiritual crisis of today’s world had impacted on family life and created a ‘situation of genuine pastoral urgency.’ Archbishop Forte added that the approach for addressing the challenges of contemporary family life was not a matter of debating doctrinal questions which had recently been clarified by the Magisterium but an invitation for all the church to ‘listen to the problems and expectations of many families today, manifesting her closeness and credibly proposing God’s mercy and the beauty of responding to His call.’

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