Saturday, June 2nd – Feast of Testimonies

2 June 2012
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2 June 2012, Comments: 0

Today Pope Benedict carried out a number of engagements in Milan including an address to the civil authorities. We caught up with him mid-morning in Corso Magenta as he was on his way to visit the Confirmandi in Milan’s Meazza Stadium.



In the early evening we made our way over to the Parco Nord Bresso airport for the Feast of Testimonies. This was a wonderful and moving evening where a number of families shared their stories and invited Pope Benedict to respond to questions they posed.

It was evident from the camping equipment carried by some pilgrims that many families plan to stay at Parco Nord overnight ready for the Papal Mass at 10 am tomorrow. Regrettably we won’t be able to take part because of the timing of our flights home.

Photos show (top to bottom): Pope Benedict in Corso Magenta; crowds gathering for the Feast of Testimonies; Pope Benedict listening to families’ testimonies; Clara and Charles Donnelly (Diocese of Shrewbury.

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