The Beauty of Togetherness

28 October 2013
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28 October 2013, Comments: 0
Photo courtesy of Margaret Hinton, Diocese of Wrexham

In his homily during Sunday Mass in St Peter’s Square for the Pilgrimage of Families, Pope Francis talked about the beauty of togetherness in family life. “
Dear families,” he said, “you know very well that joy in the family is not superficial, based on things going well, but based on the realisation of togetherness….”

Drawing on the scripture readings and psalm, Pope Francis encouraged families to pray together, acknowledging that this is not always easy, in a busy and unfriendly world. His advice – keep things simple. “Praying the Our Father around the table is something we all can do.” 

Pointing to the example of St Paul, who described his own keeping of the faith in terms of a fight, he asked families how they kept their faith? “As a personal treasure? Like a bank account? Or are we able to share it through our witness, acceptance, our openness? We know how busy families are but did you ever think this racing about could also be the race of faith?” “Yesterday,” he said, “We heard about missionary families. To keep faith in the family is to put the salt and yeast of faith into all the things of which life is made up”

These notes were taken verbatim during the homily. For the full official text click here.

Photo courtesy of Jane Perryman, Diocese of Hallam

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