The Heart of the Deepest Truth - Familiaris Consortio 30th Anniversary Celebration

23 November 2011
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23 November 2011, Comments: 0
The Marriage & Family Life Project Office are delighted to share with you a new multimedia archive celebrating the publication of Familiaris Consortio on November 22nd 1981.
In planning this archive we’ve tried to bring together a flavour of the Church in England and Wales before and after this Apostolic Exhortation was published, particularly regarding contemporary concerns for the pastoral care of the family. This document contains a very clear and useful definition of family ministry, quite possibly the earliest we have from such an authoritative source.

The archive is called ‘The Heart of the Deepest Truth’, a quote taken from section 86 of the document, where the Pope writes about the genuine concern of the church to share with families the truth of who they are, for each other, for the life of God’s people and for all God’s creation. There are innumerable truths contained within the document Familiaris Consortio which are of inestimable value to families and the church. We hope that this archive will encourage people to re-visit the document or at least to feel a little more confident in dipping in to the various sections or familiar with some of the key themes

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