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Director of the Agency for Evangelisation Marriage & Family Life Contact: Fr Christopher Vipers
Address Vaughan House 46 Francis St London SW1P 1QN Tel: 020 7798 9157 Tel: 020 7798 9363 (Ext 2363) Deacon Roger Carr-Jones: Marriage and Family Ministry Coordinator Tel: 020 7931 6064 Charlotte McNerlin: Administrative Assistant Website: Marriage and Family Life Ministry in the Archdiocese of Westminster


The Church is committed to proclaiming its teachings about the gifts of life, marriage and the family. Adult formation and educative strategies are key to this. In Westminster we continually develop a range of resources, initiatives and events that help to cultivate a marriage-building culture.

  • We are available to visit parishes including schools to address gatherings on marriage and family issues.
  • We aim to promote pro-life and marriage education, by offering resources for parents, clergy and others as well as organising speakers and events.
  • We help to identify and develop resources and formation programmes to help parents and those who support parents to embrace their role as the primary educators of their children with renewed confidence and hope.
  • We seek new ways to proclaim the truth, goodness and beauty of life, marriage and family within the Church especially through the increasingly popular ‘theology of the body’.
  • We have established and will supervise a team of clergy skilled in providing appropriate spiritual/pastoral guidance to those affected by HIV.
  • Collaboration with the Bishops Conference National MFL Project Office and the Association of Diocesan Coordinators for Marriage & Family “FAMILIAS” network

Our work also includes awareness of issues surrounding contraception, abortion and euthanasia as well as reproductive technologies, embryo experimentation and other medical/bio-ethical questions in the light of Catholic teaching.

For more information about Marriage and Family Life Ministry in the Archdiocese of Westminster please use the contact details above.

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Vaughan House 46 Francis St London SW1P 1QN