Passing on the Faith

A New Resource for Working with Families

A new resource for working with families in evangelisation has just been published by the Marriage & Family Life Project Office. Produced specifically for the bishops’ national evangelisation initiative Proclaim ’15, an electronic version of the booklet can be downloaded here.

Download Walking with Families in Sharing the Good News

Rooted in experience of clarifying the role of parents in passing on faith, and informed by broader research into the way families hand on faith in God from one generation to the next, this 12 page booklet highlights the practical resources available to parishes and schools in supporting families in their foundational role. Hard copies are available on request from the Project Office

Passing on the Faith

Passing on the Faith is an initiative of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales which seeks to support parents and grandparents in passing on their faith in God. The project is rooted in the testimonies of families during the Listening 2004 conversations and seeks to:

  • Resource and support parents and grandparents in their “irreplaceable and inalienable” task of passing on faith in God
  • Establish what passing on the faith means
  • Identify the complementary roles, rights and responsibilities of home, school and parish.

Partners in a shared task

In pursuit of these objectives Partners in a Shared Task was created as an opportunity for parents, grandparents, teachers, catechists, youth workers and priests to identify common ground and increase mutual understanding of the home-school-parish partnership and the shared task of passing on faith in God.

Partners In a Shared Task invites participants to explore three key questions:
  • What does it mean to pass on faith in God within a family?
  • What are the respective roles and responsibilities of homes, schools and parishes ?
  • How can parents and grandparents best be supported in their vocation?
The Partners in a Shared Task process has been tested in three dioceses and is now available to others to pilot locally. For more information please contact The MFL Project Office or your Diocesan Coordinator of Family Ministries.


The Role Of Parents Clarified

Undoubtedly, parents and grandparents engage in many other activities in the course of passing on faith but the understanding of the role of parents and grandparents in passing on faith, derived from the findings of the Partners in a Shared Task pilots, points to four critical activities:

  • Giving good example (witness)
  • Living according to what we believe (witness and practice)
  • Explicit religious practice in the home
  • Initiation of children into the life of the wider Christian community