Catholic Grandparents Groups

A family that fails to respect and cherish its grandparents, who are its living memory, is already in decline, whereas a family that remembers has a future

Amoris Laetitia (193)


Since 2010 the Project Office has been working with the Catholic Grandparents’ Association (CGA) and Diocesan Coordinators of Family Ministries to develop support for grandparents in passing on faith in God to their grandchildren. This work has been centred on organising Grandparents’ Pilgrimages and developing parish-based grandparents groups. Two Grandparents' Pilgrimages are now taking place annually in England and Wales and a small but growing number of parish Grandparents' Groups have been established.

Parish Grandparents’ Groups are intended to be places of welcome and trust, flexible enough to meet the needs of their members and able to develop into sincere, supportive groups focused on prayer. Through their membership of the group grandparents are encouraged to recall their vocation as a grandparent, their love of God and their desire to pass their faith on to their grandchildren.

For more information about Parish Grandparents Groups please contact CGA National Coordinator, Katherine Bergin: tel. 01293 651152 email:,, or get in touch your local diocesan Family Ministry Coordinator.

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The Catholic Grandparents Association (England and Wales) supports grandparents by:

  • acknowledging their vital role in the family
  • developing loving relationships with their grandchildren
  • handing on their faith to a younger generation
  • striving toward these aims within a community centred on prayer