Related Work

On this page you will find information on additional resources developed by the Project Office and details of collaborative work with partner organisations and departments within the Bishops' Conference. We also feature the work of lay organisations working independently, but with the support of the Project Office, to build welcoming, family friendly parishes. All of these initiatives support the Bishop's current priorities for the pastoral care for marriage and family life.

Major Project Work


In celebration of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy the MFL Project Office has produced Light for the Path a 6 session user-friendly resource to help families enter into this special time for the church. The session material is designed for use with any combination of ‘family people’ and will help families to reflect on what mercy means and how we live it in our day-to-day lives. The resource includes accompanying guides for adult only and adult & child sessions.

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The role of parents as the first educators of their children in the ways of love, faith and social responsibility is both critical and irreplaceable. The Church supports parents by recognising the vocation of parenting and the need to focus on the human formation of the family as well as its faith formation. This is done through opportunities to reflect on parenting in the company of other parents, looking at why children behave as they do, and positive ways to respond.

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The Proclaim 15 page contains all the resources that featured in the workshop on welcoming, family-friendly parishes offered during Proclaim '15 facilitated by Elizabeth Davies, with Chris and Vince Joyce and Stephen and Tracey Hoy, members of the Steering Group for Family Groups in England & Wales. On the page you can also download a copy of Walking with Families in Sharing the Good News and click through links to additional resources, information and support.

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Family Groups are parish friendship groups drawn from the Catholic community open to any parishioner irrespective of age or personal circumstances. Members commit to spending time together once a month for low cost activities and to grow in love for each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. Family Groups are supported by a national Steering Group of Family Group members.

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The Bishops' Mental Health Project grew out of the Everybody's Welcome initiative as it sought to ensure appreciation and acceptance of those experiencing mental ill-health, their families and carers. Now a major project in its own right, the Mental Health Project seeks to further encourage and inspire us as communities of understanding and pastoral care.

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Catholics Experiencing Domestic Abuse Resources (CEDAR) is an initiative for parishes, deaneries and dioceses to help create an environment within the Catholic community in which domestic abuse is understood and recognised as unacceptable. The national Domestic Abuse Working Group is now examining how the Catholic community can improve its response when victims of domestic abuse come forward.

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Parish Grandparents’ Groups seek to provide a place of welcome, support, trust, and prayer for their members. At their best they are flexible enough to meet the specific needs of those that belong and can develop into an organic, sincere, and supportive group. Through their membership of the group grandparents recognise their vocation as a grandparent, their love of God and their desire to pass their faith on to their grandchildren.

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