National Month of Prayer for Toddler Groups

1 April 2016
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1 April 2016, Comments: Comments Off on National Month of Prayer for Toddler Groups

It is widely recognTG12.jpgised that the crucial nurturing role of loving, secure family relationships in the early days of a child’s life, is the basis for the infant and growing child’s spiritual well-being. How do we support families with toddlers, both those in our parish community and those on the edges?

The presence of a toddler group in the parish is a great way of being in solidarity with families, accompanying them on a pathway of human and spiritual growth.  Pre-nursery children come along with their dad or mum or carer or grandparent, and find themselves in a safe and happy place where they feel loved and supported, have fun and play together, tap into their spirituality, and develop a sense of belonging to this strand of church community life and ministry.

June is designated the month for all our churches to pray for their toddler groupTG13.jpg; the volunteers, the children and their families and the communities they are part of, and also to pray for all toddler groups across the country. The theme of the Month of Prayer this year is ‘Living life to the Full’ from St John’s Gospel (10.10).

Please put a note in your diary, and look out for further information, as well as a wide range of resources on the 1277 Website (craft activities, games, reflections, simple songs and prayers) for the June 2016 Month of Prayer.  1277 is an alliance of churches and other organisations who support the work of  church-based toddler groups.

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