The New Marriage Rite

8 February 2016
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8 February 2016, Comments: Comments Off on The New Marriage Rite


The Rite of Marriage used in weddings across the Church since 1969 will be replaced at Easter by a new Order of Celebrating Matrimony. This is the English translation of a text that was first published in Latin in 1991. It was published in January 2016 by the Catholic Truth Society. The following text is provided by the Liturgy Office of the Bishops’ Conference where further information about the new translation is available.

It is important to note that much of what is familiar about the rite has been retained. The following are some key areas where the 2nd edition enriches the text of rite.

  • The Introduction is much expanded given a fuller theology of Marriage and guidance to the liturgy.
  • When Marriage is celebrated within Mass a Gloria is said or sung as a sign of the festivity of the occasion.
  • The readings which are chosen for the wedding need to include one reading which speak explicitly about marriage, for example the account in John’s Gospel of Jesus at the Wedding at Cana.
  • After the words of Consent have been said by both bride and groom there is an opportunity for everyone present to thank God with a short acclamation.
  • There is a new chapter Marriage ‘in the presence of an assisting layperson’. It should be remembered that Catholic liturgical books are intended for different situations across the whole world and it is not considered that there is a need for this within England and Wales.
  • Also included are two Blessings for engaged couples and for married couples on their anniversary.

Read more on the Bishops’ Conference news website

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